Clive's Wines Cocktail Recipes

The following are ideas for cocktails that you can try with our wines.

Create your own cocktail using our wines and send us the recipe so we can try it and if we like it we can add it to our cocktail list below.

Rhubarb Crumble

150ml Rhubarb Wine
25ml  Ginger Ale
25ml Apple Juice (optional)
Ice to serve

Elderflower & Rhubarb Spritzer

100ml Elderflower Wine
50ml Rhubarb Tonic
100ml Lemonade
25ml Dry Gin (optional)
Ice to serve

Raspberry Margarita

150ml Raspberry Wine
25ml Tequila
Squeeze of lime

Strawberry Sunset

150ml Strawberry & Elderflower Wine
25ml Coconut Rum
50ml Lemonade (optional)
Dash of grenadine
Ice to serve

Tayberry Twist

100ml Tayberry Wine
50ml Light Tonic
50ml Lemonade (optional)
25ml Dry gin
Ice to serve