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Clive’s Wines Ltd

We are an established independent and growing fruit wine producer based in Burntwood, Staffordshire with a proven track record over 10 Years. Producing a range of 8 fruit wines and a sparkling rhubarb wine. Selling into farm shops, garden centres and deli’s around the West Midlands.
We are currently in an active growth period where we are working to double our retail outlets from 50 to 100 around the UK during 2022 with a target of 500 outlets nationwide within 5 years.
We also have an established on-line presence with multiple repeat customers, which we are working to increase,
We are working on 2 new flavours for 2023 / 24 - Blueberry and Summer Fruits
We working on bringing a Mead to market in 2024 / 25
We have also begun trials on Alcohol Infused Sorbets
If you would like to register your interest to invest,
Please email
All being well we will look to launch a crowdfunding opportity in 2024 but are also happy to talk to direct investors

We are going to invest in

Increased production

To meet current and growing demand

Marketing activities

To increase brand awareness to drive sales

Available nationwide

Make our products available nationwide in-store and on-line

New products

Increase our retail outlet footprint with new products (Sorbets and Canned wine)