Follow us on our Journey as we develop our 1st Mead

Customers have been asking us for Mead - Honey based wine, for some time. So we would give it a go and see if we could make a Mead good enough to bring to market.

So after some research in September 2023 we started our very 1st batch in a demijohn. That just also happened to be the very 1st demijohn I used to make my very 1st wine as a hobby in 2010.

Follow us and see our progress to bringing our 1st Mead to market in 2024

20th October 2023 Update

So the mead has finished fermenting. 
I have checked its abv and its 11% about where we had planned. 
It could be higher if we used more honey but its a balance and I'm happy with that. 
I didn't filter it, as it was quite clear and its too small for our filter machine. 
Also as its a sample I was keen to back sweeten and see what it tastes like. 
Its got a lovey honey aroma and a delicate and light taste, not sickly sweet as others I have tried, easier to drink a glass too. 
I will put it into some little bottles next week for taking to taste events but also I have read that the taste gets better after a month in the bottle. So I will be keeping some aside to see if this is the case. 
I also think it will lend itself to spices a fruit too. 
Watch this space for further news