Our wines are made from real fruit and are not mixed with a grape wine. They contain no sulphites, artificial colours or preservatives and we only use British sugar. Our latest batches are now also suitable for vegetarians and vegans  (check the label on the back first ).The fruit used in the wine is locally sourced where possible and the elderflowers are picked by ourselves from around Burntwood and Lichfield. The wines are medium/medium sweet, the gooseberry being our only dry wine. They are 12.5% ABV. 

All of our wines are best served chilled and can be served with ice or mixed with a tonic or lemonade. The Tayberry and Raspberry can also be enjoyed warm.

750ml bottles are priced at £8.99
187ml bottles £2.99
187ml bottle gift sets £6.99

See below for a list of our flavours:
Gooseberry (dry)
Elderflower (medium sweet)
Rhubarb (medium )
Tayberry ( medium sweet) (currently unavailable)
Raspberry (medium )
Strawberry & Elderflower ( medium sweet )
Damson (medium)
Cherry (medium sweet)
Strawberry (medium sweet)
Plum ( Available in August 2020 )